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Claus Voglhofer

My name is Claus Voglhofer. I am 48 years old and living with my lovely wife and 3 daughters in Denmark just south of Copenhagen.

Since the fall of 2014 I started making maritime bags with unique and personal images of used sails. I design and produce all the bags myself.

It is no coincidence that I can operate a sewing machine. My mother was trained seamstress and though she never worked as such, she was throughout her entire life sewing passionately in her spare time. Most of the clothes I wore in elementary and middle school were her creations and not always with my good will.

This did not discourage me and I myself sewed in my teens. I put pants up, sewed badges on my clothes, made flags, costumes and the like.

I have always been a creative person and work just as well with wood, iron, plaster, paper and of course fabric.

Despite the fact that I have always been attracted to the craft disciplines, I decided to do a MSc in Engineering and make a career as an engineer. Possibly strongly influenced by my parents ?!

I have continued to unfold myself creatively at work but also outside working hours, to unwind from work and daily life and over the years there have been many interesting creations. My bags are probably the first thing, which are genuinely suitable for sale.

The maritime element has always fascinated me and I have surfed and sailed quite a bit over the years.

The idea to make bags of used sails I got from the US, where we have friends and where they make many products of used sails.

My bags give me great joy to produce because they challenge me both creatively, on my craft and even continuously require that I draw on my engineering skills.

I would love to make you a unique bag or one for your loved ones.